Monday, March 30, 2009

My daughter Anastassia is in the Costa Rica's National Surf Team

My daughter is in Ecuador as member of the National Surf Team. It seams it was yesterday that I splash around in the water right in front of Playa Chiquita Lodge with my Anastassia. I use to call her the "water rat" because she will be in the water for hours and hours and wanted more. I thought her how to swim when she was barely a year old buy making her look at my eyes inside the water. In this way she will loose the fear. If you keep eyes close is most likely to be afraid. It worked like a charm. She is now competing in worldwide level surfing and following what she likes best. I must admit I have been skeptical at times but only because I’m afraid for she is my baby Anastassia but than I see how big she is and realize is out of my hands.

I have been giving more landscaping time to my

Bella Vista Development Project

It is amazing how much plants grow in the rainy periods we've had in the last few months. I landscaped and planted so many natives to the "linderos" and they are all nearly covering the gorgeous ocean view! Each time I go back there I fall in live with this land allover again. I know I made a pretty good choice. You will be surprise how gorgeous it is from up there. It feels like having the world at your disposal. Property value has gone sky high in CR. Investments make sense now that the financial situation is what it is. An old friend of mine visit me again this weekend Ian Ratowsky and good old Ian reminded me of how great we have it down here in the jungle. He said. - " at least Wolf when things get tough you just go down there and splash for a little bit in that great big blue and you forget your troubles and gain some life time" yeap!! And that's just what I do Ian, that's just what I do!!!