Friday, July 23, 2010

Two weeks in Germany

Time to relax. Back in the old country with my friend Karlheinz. Catching up with news, ol' ways and some friends. It was almost 25 years since I had visit Germany in the winter. I was not use to this cold anymore and I remember one of the reasons I do prefer my Caribbean Coast in Costa Rica. I hate it!!! I don't like wearing socks or sweaters agrrrrr!!! But I did enjoy the food, sausages are never the same anywhere in the world of course and I for one can't imagine life with out them!!! hahaha....... Tomorrow soccer at Bayern Munchen with the family first time for Thomas a soccer fanatic, to watch a real game on a soccer coart this size. We will be two week away from paradise and I don't mind it. But I will only like to visit!!!

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