Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Friend from San Diego

Today is Thursday and again is raining. Not so much as yesterday but raining non the less. La Nacion said that there is a cold front coming from North America due to the severe winter they are having. I am glad I'm not there. Poor Dennis his my old partner from San Diego and I'm sure even San Diego is getting chills. I met Dennis about more than twenty years ago. He was a great partner to meet back than and a great friend to have now. I see him at least once a year and is always great to meet him at my chess court. He does have better strategies than me but in politics his a bit confused. Any way The Bella Vista Development Project still has me running a bit even though today I started walking rather than running. My breakfast and newspapers where late but a good hour was spend keeping in touch with the world, OK maybe an hour and half or two, who keeps count..Oh yea i forgot my wife!

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