Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My website is updated

Is not an excuse but, since this rain hasn't end is been kind of difficult to get thing going. I took a little time to watch a little football, I must confess! I have most of the properties listed on my Real estate page now. Is not state of the art design but it get the point across and all information is there. Don't forget I am 24/7 waiting for your phone call if you need to get better info about any of my properties. I spend less time and money on the packaging so I can keep my prices down! The prettier the packaging the less I trust a product, contrary to whatever my wife says!! My cell phone is: (506) 8875 3924. Remember prices are low at the moment and I'm always willing to discuss it. I may not be an easy guy to discuss politics with for my views are pretty much set at this point. Never the less a good investment discussion can go a long way!!

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