Friday, March 13, 2009

The walkway to the beach got washed out

I have been here and lived trough so many storms and yet never have I seen something near to the amount of water that have comedown since last November in this cost. Is just been storm after storm, non stop. Even I begin to feel the weight of the destructions is causing. Our beach walk way is totally washed away. Fernando my neighbor started to do some lands movement yesterday with heavy machinery. I wouldn't have done it to that way but I'm glad he is doing it, it’s well appreciated. Our neighbor on the right hand side, a lawyer from san Jose who doesn't give a flying rat, land is higher than ours, so of course, it all washed into my walk way and wreck Fernando's and my rain water ditches. Now we must re do and make so our land is higher than his. We’ll see. I have no more bridge. Is buried three feet under! We'll live trough it though. The beach is looking better I will definitely go running tomorrow....

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