Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's for Dinner?

After I had dinner, grill lobsterwith garlic and butter, my wife and 10 year old son Thomas enjoyed it very much, well me too actually!!! - It reminded me of the times I use to cook for my guests. A long time a go when there where not many restaurants around. I made my standar German dishes and some I added in to my collection of favorites. Anyway, I decided to open the restaurant again. just like that! pum!!! I will buy some, pots and pans and I'll get some ashtrays, glasses. Plates and alll that stuff I have. I will put up a sign out side restaurant is open! pum!! - Yeap! I will cook maybe three different dishes a day - Open at 5 till 10pm and Maria will help in the kitchen Jorge can help outside. Ok that's it I will open the restaurant this weekend. Come and join me if you don't like my food we will at least discuss about properties. See you than.

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